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Warryn "Baby Dubb" Campbell is a music visionary, executive and leading producer of R&B, gospel and hip-hop music. Campbell's mastery to create chart-topping hits across a multitude of genres has made him critically acclaimed as one of the most prolific record producers of our time.

Campbell's Grammy award-winning body of work includes projects with global icons from Mary Mary, Kanye West, Yolanda Adams to Jennifer Hudson. He has also scaled the music charts with world-class artists that include Alicia Keys, Xzibit, Mos Def, Missy Elliott, Brandy, Mario, Luther Vandross and Snoop Dogg.

With a natural ear and profound passion for musicianship and composition, Campbell became a virtuoso on the drums, bass, guitar and keys by the age of 15. He joined the gospel group, New Vision, and by 16, discovered his calling in music production after an encounter with the legendary DJ Quik, who served as an early mentor during his time at Death Row Records.

Among his numerous creative pursuits, Campbell also plays bass guitar in the gospel group The Soul Seekers. Prior to starting My Block, his business repertoire includes serving as vice president of A&R for Elektra Records.

Warryn was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles. Although innately gifted as a musician, he still found himself influenced by the negativity of his crime and gang invested neighborhood. His parents realized at a very early age the difficulty of raising a young man in the inner city. With their observation, and desire to enhance Warryn’s natural musical talent, they made it a point to always keep him involved in extra curricular activities such as: sports, playing instuments and summer camps. Warryn credits his parent’s early decision to keep him busy, and send him away for the summers to experience different environments, as a key factor that assisted him in avoiding negative behavior and peer pressure as many of his young male peers.


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