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Jade Allen is a native Californian, that grew up in the community of South Central Los Angeles. Although she was born and raised in the rough neighborhood of South Central where gang life and negative influences surrounded her environment on every corner she had a strong positive mother who worked for the Los Angeles Probation Department for approximately 25 years who was determined to raise a positive productive well rounded young lady.

Jade attended private schools kindergarten through twelfth grade. Upon graduating from High School, she attended California State University, Fresno where she earned her Bachelors Of Arts Degree in Mass Communications And Journalism. Jade worked in the television production field for one year after receiving her degree. It was then, that she decided to change careers. In April of 1998, she became a Deputy Probation Officer for Los Angeles county were she has remained until present.

Jade is very active in Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Long Beach Alumnae Chapter where she has served on the Executive Committee and Executive Board. She is very dedicated to her service with Delta in the areas of educational development, economic development, physical and mental health, and the area of the Arts.

Jade founded “Beyond Our Horizon” after reflecting on her experience of growing up in the urban city and listening to years of stories of young delinquent youth talk about nothing but their “hoods”. As she sat at work one day, Jade had a vision of a young boy stepping out on his porch and looking down his street as far as he could see. She then realized that our urban city youth tend to fall into negativity because they don’t know anything beyond where they live. They have never had any experiences outside of their own neighborhood. They don’t know the world is larger than the block they live on. “They can't see beyond their horizon!”

As a result, Jade promised herself to develop a program for urban city youth that would give them a glimpse of the so called “Good Life”. This program would give the youth a snap shot of how much the world has to offer and they don’t have to settle for their “hood”. They can step out and do great things! She has dedicated her life to taking urban city youth Beyond their Horizon!


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